Cold side dishes

Ham (prosciutto)

45,00 kn


45,00 kn

Roast beef

55,00 kn

Octopus salad

52,00 kn


20,00 kn

Sea fruit salad

48,00 kn

Cold plate "Noštromo" for two person

95,00 kn



Fish soup

32,00 kn

Beef soup

17,00 kn

Tomato soup

19,00 kn

Daily soup

19,00 kn


Pasta and risotti

Surlice - home made pasta with beef goulash

60,00 kn

Surlice - home made pasta with scampi

85,00 kn

Green noodles with scampi

80,00 kn

Spaghetti "Noštromo" with sea fruit

75,00 kn

Spaghetti Carbonara

38,00 kn

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

38,00 kn

Spaghetti Bolognese (minced meat sauce)

45,00 kn

Risotto "Noštromo" with sea fruit

65,00 kn

Risotto with scampi

75,00 kn

Black Risotto mit cuttlefish

62,00 kn

Risotto with mushrooms

52,00 kn



Season salad

15,00 kn

Tomato and mozzarella salad

30,00 kn

Chicken salad

35,00 kn

Tuna salad

36,00 kn

Greek salad

32,00 kn


Fish, Crabs and Clams

Farmed fish - kg

260,00 kn

Quality fish - first class - kg

400,00 kn

Quality fish - second class - kg

310,00 kn

Hake - kg

160,00 kn

Monkfish in white wine sauce with a

115,00 kn

boiled potatoes

Fried hake fillet in white wine sauce with

65,00 kn

boiled potatoes

Tuna steak with chard

95,00 kn

Fish plate "Noštromo" on grill/fried with chard

145,00 kn

Fried fish with french fries

38,00 kn

Squid filled with scampi and ham with chard

105,00 kn

Squid on grill with chard

65,00 kn

Fried squid with french fries

65,00 kn

Scampi tails on chopsticks with rice

120,00 kn

Scampi grilled or in Buzarasauce

250,00 kn

Mediterranean mussel grilled or in Buzarasauce

49,00 kn

Buzara "Noštromo" for two people

370,00 kn

Octopus "Noštromo" with vegetables - for two

220,00 kn




Meat dishes

Cevapcici with a side dish (minced meat)

45,00 kn

Pljeskavica with cooked vegetables

58,00 kn

with rice (minced meat)

Pljeskavica with cheese with baked potatoes

64,00 kn

(minced meat)


Pork chop with french fries

55,00 kn

Wiener schnitzel with french fries

60,00 kn

Wiener schnitzel with french fries -

42,00 kn

for children

Grilled chicken fillet with cooked vegetables

60,00 kn

with rice

Cordon Bleu with french fries

65,00 kn

Rumpsteak "Noštromo" with a baked potatoes

90,00 kn

Filet mignon with mushroom sauce, with

82,00 kn



Beefsteak with mushroom sauce, with

118,00 kn



Beefsteak in green pepper sauce with baked

118,00 kn



Grill mix meat with afrench fries

78,00 kn

Meat plate "Noštromo" for two persons with

152,00 kn

french fries



Side dishes

Swiss chard

15,00 kn


15,00 kn

Cooked vegetables with rice

15,00 kn


15,00 kn

Baked potato

15,00 kn

French fries

15,00 kn

Boiled potatoes

15,00 kn

Grilled vegetable plate

25,00 kn

Olives - 100g

10,00 kn



Pancakes "Noštromo"

28,00 kn

Pancakes with walnuts

22,00 kn

Pancakes with chocolate

18,00 kn

Pancakes with marmalade

18,00 kn

Ice cream - one scoop

6,00 kn

Fruit salad

25,00 kn

Fruit salad with ice cream and whipped cream

35,00 kn

Cake (pie, strudel)

15,00 kn


19,00 kn


Lina Bolmarcica 20

51511 Malinska, Croatia



12:00 - 23:00



80 seats restaurant

140 seats outdoor terrace

Accessible for handicap and

small kids

Bike&Pet friendly



Free WiFi







Cash, Visa, American Express, MasterCard